If I were to describe myself, I'd say I'm obsessed with being unique and candid. I'm a best friend for life and believe that true friendship is built on honest communication. I'm a dance partner when you need one, and a friend to sing a duet with. I love a good hamburger and will certainly never turn down a snow cone. I love living in Texas, but pine for my home in Idaho daily. I'm spontaneous, and love to change things up. I thrive being outside in the sun and from conversations with happy people. I absolutely despise mornings (unless I'm waking up to take photos or smell waffles) and I love staying up late (watching Blue Bloods and editing to my hearts delight). I am a mother to two incredible kids, who give me so much purpose. When I became a mother, I fulfilled a lifelong dream. And every day since then, I've learned what it means to be both Jessica and Mom at the same time. Photography invigorates me and I love sharing it with the world as well as my family. I firmly believe that you should always treat others how you want to be treated and if you live by that rule, you'll see miracles happen.


About Jessica

Being the first child, Alina has been my muse for 4 wonderful years. She is obsessed with dinosaurs and "chocolate" sandwiches.
(Let's be real, who can resist Nutella?)
 She has a very creative eye and will make a fantastic photography assistant in the coming years. ;)

Alina aNNE

Jordan is my best friend. Literally everything is better with him. He gives me so much love and support and I'm grateful to be on this crazy life journey with him. He pushes me to be my best and despite what he says, he's quite photogenic! 


I thought that if I had a son he would be a mini daddy, but turns out he is my mini me!
He is my climbing, and energetic snuggle bug.
Its literally impossible to kiss him too much, and I love that he yells "Mommy!" and runs to me, whenever I get home.

sOREN j.

Meet my team

Currently Jessica Murray Photography offers services for Luxury Weddings and Engagements, and Family portraiture. If you have other photography needs such as Product Photography, Headshots, or Branding content, please reach out to see if I can accommodate your needs. 

Your satisfaction means a lot to me, which is why I strive to provide excellent service. Turn around time to receive your gallery is 1 week maximum for Family Portraits and 2 weeks Maximum for Wedding galleries.

I appreciate your feedback as I establish a product everyone will love.

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